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5 Local Music Festivals You Should Know About

Outside the Seattle area, music festivals are far and few, but for those pining and seeking a festival beyond the urban jungle, here are five festivals that may strike your interest.


Bellingham Folk Festival

Held each January in the heart of Bellingham, this festival celebrates the spirit, tunes, and all other things special about folk music. The festival this past year featured renowned artists such as The Lil’ Smokies from Missoula, Montana and Danny Barnes from Texas. Through the course of three days, newcomers and aspiring new artists may partake in workshops led by musicians established in the art; also are dances, jam sessions. So when this festival comes around again, grab your guitar and join the stars! 



Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival

Held each summer in August from the 4th through the 20th  at the performing arts center in Eastsound, this two and a half week festival transports you through musical journeys, stories, and captivating performances by some of the most renowned classical musicians of our time, brought in from all parts of the world to bring the audience music ranging from renaissance to contemporary and so much more, in unexpected ways.



Birch Bay Music Festival

The Birch Bay Music Festival, held up in Birch Bay from July 29-31, is a non-profit festival that is the voice of the voiceless and supports animal rights so strongly it’s central to the entire shindig. Much of the music featured will be rooted in the rock, blues, and folk genres, featuring beloved artists such as Maximus, Tai Shan, and Blue Eyed Mary as they dazzle concert-goers with their finesse. The event will be located at The Homestead Golf Course, and admission is free.



Darrington Bluegrass Festival

The name says it all. It’s all about bluegrass here. Taking place July 15-17, this festival will celebrate its 40th year and feature acclaimed artists such as the Balsam Range, Mountain Faith, Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa, Jeff Scroggins & Colorado. Additionally, there will be great food, jam sessions, and dry camping at the foot of some of the largest mountains in the state.



Whidbey Island Music Festival

Apparently, the fall and early spring are not the most popular seasons to hold festivals around this area. In fact, it’s obvious. There aren't any. Slated to take place in late-July/early August, this music festival will also have an emphasis on classical music, featuring the works of Antonio Vivaldi. That's the only information available at this time, but stay tuned for more; follow their website to stay up to speed and not miss this unforgettable festival.



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