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What Is Adventure Trance?

So you've been prowling the Twittersphere, or the Facebooks, or wandering Soundcloud/ Youtube, and have seen this term floating around.

But just what the hell is this Adventure Trance nonsense?





Adventure Trance is a hybrid genre that mixes early 2000s era Trance leads and pads with Hard Trance drums and basslines, with wide tempo changes, abrupt rhythm changes, key changes, Dubstep, Breakbeat, and Glitch Hop rhythms, Electro House sounds and percussion, acoustic guitar, and folk instruments from around the world.

Adventure Trance:


All combined, it creates a high energy, intense sound that capture the feeling of racing down mountain highways on a bike, scaling icy peaks with friends, and pushing life to the limits.


What Is Swamp Psytrance?


So you've been prowling Psytrance forums, or went to a gathering recently, and heard some mutters about a newfangled style of Psytrance called "Swamp Psytrance," or "Swamp Trance." But what the hell is it? How is it different from Progressive Psytrance, or Zenonesque?

Put your questioning minds to rest, friends.


Put on your boots and wade in.


Swamp Psytrance is a derivative of Dark Progressive Psytrance and Minimal (what is also called Zenonesque). Much like Forest Psytrance, Swamp is Zenonesque's squishier, wetter, more organic spawn.




It's characterized by lower tempos, down around 128-136 or so, weird, moody atmospheres, and squashy, squelchy organic noises, covered in reverb and delay, for really spacey, psychedelic textures.


Dark, dissonant pads and atmospheric effects give it a dismal, dank sort of sound, and the basses tend to be very deep and pronounced and heavy, keeping in tone with the heavy, laborious beats that accompany them.


Swamp Psytrance:


In summation, Swamp Psytrance is Zenonesque's moodier, creepier, squelchier offspring.

It isn't a terribly common style to encounter, but it can be a lot of fun to dance to (and make).


If you want to find more, check out the free Swamp releases on Ektoplazm.

psy festival 3

What Is Forest Psytrance?

So you're a devoted psyhead, or maybe even a newcomer to the Psytrance scene, and you've been seeing the term "Forest Psytrance" or "Forest Trance" thrown about amongst the serious freaks, and you have no idea what it means, or what the hell it is.

There's some disagreement over what Forest Psytrance is, or whether it even constitutes a separate genre at all.

Let me lay that to rest right now.

psy festival 1.jpg


Forest Psytrance is a derivative of Dark Psytrance, that focuses less on high tempos and aggressive distorted electric-sounds and harsh noises and "evil" vocals about death, destruction, nihilism, etc. Use of glitchy, bitcrushed and distorted effects and sounds is less prominent, taking a backseat instead to flanger, phaser, and reverb and delay effects, coupled with dark, deep, pulsing basslines with Lopass Cutoff filters applied to them, to create a warm, murky sound.

Pure Dark Psytrance:


While a form of Dark Psytrance, Forest tends to be a bit slower, between 145-155 BPM, and with a heavier emphasis on atmospheric, moody sounds, and organic textures.


Classic Goa/ Psy Trance "squishy noises" made using sawtooth waveforms and extreme Cutoff Filter settings, and sound samples from nature (bubbling sounds, bird sounds, strange squeaks, blips, whistles, and other "wet" noises are used heavily in Forest to create earthy, organic soundscapes.



Also prominent is the use of atmospheric pads and choirs, usually set to dissonant chord progressions, and with heavy use of phaser, flanger, and reverb effects, to create dark and moody tones that convey a dark, dismal mood (not unlike say, being lost in the woods on a cloudless night).


Forest Psytrance:



In summation: Forest Psytrance is Dark Psytrance's nature-loving, tree-hugging kid. Dark and trippy, but less glitchy, and more squishy.


If you want to find more, check out the free Forest releases on Ektoplazm

psy festival 2.jpg

The 10 Best Damn Road Trip Albums

Summer is just around the corner, and with summer, comes road trips, vacations, camping, and adventures galore. If you're tired of the same tunes on rotation in your CD player, and the ads on the radio are getting you down, check out the albums on this list, and get your motor running. There's something old, something new, something familiar, and something unexpected on here... a little something for everyone.

1. The Stadium Techno Experience - Scooter

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Classic EDM, Trance, Progressive, Breaks, Techno, and Hard Trance converge for an album that is pure fire. It's a little on the old side, sure, but the songs stand the test of time, and will propel you into your next adventure.

2. Deep Purple In Rock - Deep Purple

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One of the best Hard Rock albums of all time. Seminal Hard Rock and proto-meta at its finest. Child In Time is particularly excellent for those long summer drives, but the whole album is dynamite.


3. In Silico - Pendulum

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Get ready for some serious heaviness. This album is crammed to the gills with raging Drum N' Bass and Breaks. Slamming basslines, thundering drums, and intense melodies make for an album that will probably land you a speeding ticket or two.

4. Le Voyage - Floorfilla

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Bouncy, fun, high energy EDM, Trance, Techno, and House is the name of the game here. A little bit oldschool, but always a jolly time. Full on banging, hands in the air type tunes, but doesn't take itself too seriously. Good for sunny summer drives in the woods.

5. Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin

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Classic Hard Rock by the legends themselves, Led Zeppelin. No roadtrip is complete without a little Zep blaring over the stereo. Stairway To Heaven provides excellent musical backing to nightfall, when you're driving on the coast.

6. Dimmi Perché - Highland

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European hiphop + opera singing and classical melodies? What? Sure, it sounds confusing, but it sounds amazing. No better way to make your drive more epic than some heavy belting in Italian coupled with heavy bass beats.

7. Recess - Skrillex

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Slamming Dubstep, Breaks, Glitch Hop, and Drumstep from the godfather of the modern American EDM, Skrillex. This album's chock full of gutsy, ferocious tunes that'll get your blood pumping. Great for those hot July afternoons.

8. Fly Toward The Sun - Dawnchaser

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Uplifting, epic sounds, from an indie artist from the Pacific Northwest. Uplifting Trance, Progressive, Ambient, Breaks, and Hard Trance come together for an album that's a few parts bright and cheery, and a few parts dark and epic. This album's free, although you can donate a few bucks, and help support and independent artist.

9. Once - Nightwish

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Finnish Symphonic Power Metal at its best. If you need some scream-your-lungs out, balls-to-the-wall music for racing down empty mountain highways, this is your album. Dramatic classical melodies collide with searing guitars and soaring vocals for one hell of a musical ride.

10. Screaming For Vengeance - Judas Priest

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Saved the best for last one this one. Classic oldschool metal, from one of the greats. There's no better feeling than blasting You've Got Another Thing Coming when you're roaring down a deserted highway.

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