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Squatch Audio


What areas do you serve?

The Squatch is based out of Skagit county WA, and serves all of the Pacific Northwest.


Is anything else included in your rental packages?

Along with the sound and light gear, the Squatch will also meet with you (or correspond via Skype or e-mail if you prefer) to discuss your event, help you arrange your music, playlists, etc, and can also offer consultations on event organization and execution.


Why don't you offer wireless mics as part of your packages?

Our proximity to Naval and Airforce bases, as well as heavy cell phone traffic, means a lot of radio interference. To avoid static and signal problems, your safest bet for a ceremony that is glitch-free is to use wired microphones. Longer cords can be a bit of a hassle, but it beats having your vows get swallowed up in radar noise during the ceremony.


How do we know which package is right for us?

It depends on the size of your event and what you are looking for. Our most basic package can easily cover 250 people, and even if your event hosts fewer guests, a simple volume adjustment will keep the noise to reasonable levels. If you have more questions, then contact us via the Booking form, and we'll return your e-mail within 24 hours.


You're not going to show up in flannel and hiking boots to my wedding, are you?

No. The Squatch always wears professional attire, and maintains a friendly, but professional demeanor at your event. He never gets intoxicated at events, and remains completely focused on his job from the moment he arrives, to the moment the last truss is packed away.


Why are your subwoofers green?

The Squatch was conceived and built in the Pacific Northwest, and it seemed fitting to pay homage to home with colors that reflects its Washington roots. And much like an orange Lamborghini, or a violet Ferrari, the forest green speakers are a sign that the sound you are getting is world class, and distinctive in every way.

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