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QSC K12: These are the workhorses. 1000 Watts of crystal clear, powerful sound. Loud enough for a club, but lightweight and compact enough for a house party. If you need a little extra oomph, it has a Deep Bass setting to give extra whomp for the bass-heavy tunes. Great for indoor and outdoor events for up to 250 people. Built-in RCA, 1/4", and XLR inputs, for every type of device. Direct microphone hookups also built-in.





BFM TUBA30: Not for the faint of heart. These are the beasts. Handmade from Finnish birch, the Tuba30s are 30 inch 800 Watt behemoths that deliver thundering, deep bass that will scare seismologists. Their design allows them to deliver more volume with less power, and can push down into deeper tones than other types of subs. They're heavier than many other subwoofers, but their sound quality is unparalleled.




QSC RMX 2450a: The foundation of the system. This amplifier pumps the subs with juice, and stays strong all night.





DBX PA+: The cornerstone of the Squatch sound system. This separates the sound frequencies into separate bands for easy manipulation, so everything is punchy, warm, and clean. Also comes with Microphone Feedback Suppression, so no matter how close your Aunt Gertrude gets to the speakers during the toasts, she won't make them shriek.



PIONEER CDJ 800 MK2: CD turntables. A staple of modern DJing, these CD players have pitch/ tempo control features, looping and reverse controls, a Vinyl Mode to mimic classic vinyl mixing, and screens with time, tempo, and track information readouts.





ALLEN & HEATH XONE:23: 2-channel DJ mixer from the legendary UK pro audio company, Allen & Heath. Analog 2+2 channel mixer with warm, clear sound, lush VCF filters, and plenty of outputs for recording, monitoring, and master outs. Also includes 2 headphone inputs, with both 1/4" and 1/8" jacks, and 1 XLR Microphone input so you never have to fumble for adapters.




SHURE SM58-LC: The quintessential microphone. Ideal for singers and musicians, it has been a staple on stages worldwide. Also great in the recording studio for vocals.







ELIMINATOR KATANA: Programmable LED dancefloor light. Customizable colors, and moves and pulses to music. 



STROBE 360: Strobe light with adjustable speeds and gel panels for custom colors.



LASER: Red-Green laser that moves and pulses to music.

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