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From rustic beginnings in the mountains of Washington state, the son of a classical guitarist, and an organist (and nephew of Grammy award-winner David Robertson), Dave had the music in him before he was born.


He started out as a jazz and classical trombonist, competing in jazz and orchestral ensembles across the Pacific Northwest, while squeezing in time for busking, earning the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts, and competing at the state level in public speaking and debate events, and bringing home numerous awards for his dramatic and oratorical speeches.


He holds a Bachelor's degree in English from Eastern Washington University, and is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church.

He knows the key to a great night is great sound, stellar lighting, and carefully curated music. He knows how to read a crowd, and get the dancefloor moving, and does it with flair.


Between gigs, you can find him working as the Social Media and Music Director for KSVR 91.7 FM in Mount Vernon, hiking in the mountains, working as a freelance IT consultant, and writing music for record labels worldwide.


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